Vineyard Tour

Founders Tom and Mary Quilter
Winter at Shamrock Vineyard
Spring time at Shamrock
The vines now have 3-7 inch shoots
Seyval Blanc
Niagara and Concord
Close up of Concord
Doug Felt and Gary Sager.  Musicians for our Annual Twilight Dinners.  Music playing in back ground is courtesy of Doug Felt.
Antinque car club visits Shamrock
Guests enjoying a few bottles with dinner at our August Twilight Dinner.
Van giving a tour after one of the Twilight Dinners
Van must really be saying something important...
Van blinding his guests while on a vineyard tour
Twilight Dinner guests
Seyval grapes
Concord grapes
Tom and Mary doing a little vineyard maintenance
A hand held refractometer.  This tool allows us to determine the degree of sugar in indivdual berries.
Anne Quilter, daughter of Tom and Mary, helps her son harvest Concord.
Sam and Noel helping harvest Concord
Tom and Mary sharing a life and even better company
Grape presses
Crusher/Destemmer.  This device removes the fruit from the stems.
Side view of crusher/destemmer
Stems that have been removed
Grape must
Hydrometer in action
Van testing the Total Acidity
Calibrating the pH meter
Testing the pH
Setting up for a wedding on Oct. 4, 2008
Only when the work is done comes the rare opportunity to relax and reflect on a job well done