Dry, fruity white wine. $14.92 plus tax.


This dry Delaware boasts a sprightly bouquet and delicate flavor. $14.92 plus tax.

Shamrock Rose

A lovely blush wine, Sweetness – Just Right! $14.92 plus tax.


German style, fruity, slightly sweet. $14.92 plus tax.


Off dry with hints of spice! $14.92 plus tax.


Comprised of 7 different apples. This wine is not too sweet and not too dry. A limited edition. $16.78 plus tax.

Buckeye Red

A traditional eastern American wine. A chillable red for cookouts and pizza. Socially sweet. $13.05 plus tax.

Windfall White

Our sweetest wine. Enjoy the bouquet and taste of the vineyard. A blend of Edelweiss, Niagara, and Cayuga. $13.05 plus tax.

Marechal Foch

A fruity off-dry red wine. $18.65 plus tax.

Waldeau Red

A dry, oak-aged blend of Norton and GR-7. $23.31 plus tax.

Ohio Wine Hall of Fame

Dr. Thomas and Mary Quilter were elected into the Ohio Wine Hall of Fame in February of 2004 for their years of pioneering in the Ohio wine industry.